My research topics are:

Geometric analysis, differential geometry, complex geometry, CR geometry, intrinsic/extrinsic Spin and Spinc geometry, conformal geometry, spectral theory.

In particular:

1. The spectrum of the Dirac operator on Spinc manifolds and submanifolds.
2. The energy-momentum tensor on low dimensional Spinc manifolds and their hypersurfaces.
3. The energy-momentum tensor on complex Spinc manifolds and their complex hypersurfaces.
4. Spinorial characterization of hypersurfaces (and submanifolds) immersed into Spinc manifolds with special geometries.
5. Rigidity results for Riemannian Spin and Spinc manifolds with foliated boundary.
6. Spinc structures on Kähler manifolds, CR-manifolds and manifolds with boundary.
7. Some embedding into Spinc manifolds with special spinor fields.
8. Harmonic and Kählerian Killing Spinc spinors.