Master's Thesis:

I. Advisor of Master's Thesis:

1. Hassan Harb, Notre Dame University, NDU, June 2015. Thesis entitled: "Spectral properties of the Dirac operator and geometric applications".
Hassan Harb is actually a PhD student in Mathematical Physics at Concordia University, Canada.

2. Mohamad Mehdi, Notre Dame University, NDU, June 2016. Thesis entitled: "Conformal Mapping and its Applications".

II. Referee of Master's thesis:

1. Joumana El Kassem, Beirut Arab University, May 2015. Thesis entitled: "On the Systolic Geometry of Tori".

2. Michel Daher, Notre Dame University, NDU, May 2014. Thesis entitled: "On curves and the Hahn-Mazurkiewicz Theorem".